Frequently asked questions \

  • What is the silicon lining of an induction furnace for a refractorist?
  • Why do small black balls appear in the lining when it is demolished?
  • Why does the lining appear pale pink or reddish colour?
  • At what temperature should I sinter a silicon lining?
  • What is the difference between acid and boric oxide?
  • Why does Zn appear against the mica during the demolition of the lining?
  • Why do vertical cracks appear in the cooling?
  • Why do horizontal cracks appear in the lining?
  • Why slag may appear adhered to the lining?
  • Why do the walls at the bottom of the furnace wear away more?
  • What is the natural mechanism of wear away of silicon lining?
  • Does the induction influence the wear of the lining?
  • What should we monitor at the start of melting?
  • What should we monitor during the melting?